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Hi! My name is SJB, I am from England, but right now I live in The Czech Republic.

I am 13 years old right now, (current date is 27/08/2021)

I speak many languages to a basic level, but plan to become a polyglot, (I define being a polyglot as speaking 5 languagse to a high level)


There are many famalies of languages, but I have my favorites.

I like Romance languages, e.g. Spanish, Catalan, Italian ,French.

I also like Germanic and Slavic languages, e.g. German, Dutch, Frisian language(s), Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Ukranian, Belarusian, Slovak, Polish.


There are many good conlangs out there.

My favorites are Esperanto, Globasa, Glosa, Interlingua.


Youtube has tons of free tutorials!

It may not be the most effective but, Duolingo. It can be fun at some moments, but is not the best.

r/Learninglangauges reddit group, they have a huge amount of sources for lots of languages, including endangered and extinct!

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